Business and Financial ServicesBusiness & Financial Services
Mark Chadwick, Chief Financial Officer

Service and financial information provides management with an understanding of how the organization is performing. From assessing past performance and future directions to measuring efficiency and effectiveness, quality information on a timely basis helps provide useful tools for decision-making purposes. The Department of Business and Financial Services partners closely with all of the Agency’s operational programs to provide information and assistance in an effort to support the successful fulfillment of the goals, objectives, and mission of Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare.

The following functional areas are available to provide business and financial support services to our staff and our business partners:

• Accounting
• Budgeting
• Payroll
• Revenue Cycle Management
• Information Management and Analysis
• Performance Contract / CCS Extract
• Procurement and Contracting
• Facility Management and Safety
• Information Technology

If you have questions or would like additional information, staff can be reached at the following numbers:

Voice: 540-345-9841 Fax: 540-527-2900